Asset Article Program

Suplar asset article programs will reward the community contributors with SUPL to write articles about assets that will be present on Suplar.

Why does the Asset Article Program Exist?

To create the best platform for decentralized funds, we need to provide complete information on all assets for our future users. 

Hence we need a system where all listed and available assets on Suplar will have an article that details at the minimum the following: 

  • What the assets are
  • What are the assets based on
  • What affects the value of the asset
  • Historical price or asset value changes and analyses 
  • And in essence, provide any other vital details one needs to know before engaging with the assets in our decentralized funds.
  • And most crucially, written in understandable language.

The goal of such articles is simple, to educate and explain financial assets before users join or create a decentralized fund. 

These articles will also be available for everyone, even users outside of the Suplar platform, to further one of our core missions and values of increasing financial education worldwide for free. 

The Suplar team will create the first articles and increasingly take in article contributions from the community.

What Is The Asset Article Program?

We want the asset article program to be one of the main ways the community can contribute to the broader Suplar project and be rewarded with SUPL (the utility token that runs Suplar).

We need to start immediately to have a good quantity of articles about assets before the Suplar launch, as the assets are a crucial component of our future platform.

Suplar will support and run the program indefinitely before and after the platform launches.

How will We Use These Articles?

Every article will play a critical role in the Suplar platform as the decentralized funds go online. The platform will link each article to the corresponding assets that the funds use to derive its value to provide maximum information for users before they join or decide to choose the asset for their fund.

All articles will also be publicly available for anyone curious and want to learn more about financial assets in general.

We might find other uses for these articles in the future as well.

How Can I Contribute to the Program and SUPLAR Project?

You can contribute by joining the program and writing and explaining financial assets to the broader community via articles published on our website. 

If you’re interested in creating such articles, please email us at

  • Tell us more about you
  • Why do you want to make these articles
  • Your background that could support the articles
  • And if you have written something before, please provide a link. 

If you’re interested in pursuing other types of articles, for example, analyses, or case studies, you can pitch your ideas as well in the email. 

We would be delighted to check them out.

More details on article writing guidelines, topics, and design will be available later on this page. Also, follow us on Telegram for any updates regarding the program and updates about Suplar.

If you want to be more involved in the development of Suplar, learn more here. 

SUPL Distribution For Asset Article Program

We have reserved 5% of the total SUPL supply (equaling to 25,000,000 SUPL) for the program as of now.

SUPL will be rewarded to contributors once a month according to article contributions, and every article contribution will be equal to each other.

Each article contribution will be worth 1,000 SUPL.

We reserve the right to change the amounts reserved SUPL of the program and SUPL per article amount.

Always refer to this page for the latest updates regarding asset article program updates.