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The suplar team is growing. If you or someone you know is interested in the project and its vision, we welcome you to contact us. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to bridge the worlds of traditional financial assets such as stocks, funds, indices, options, and more, and new blockchain technology and its underlying assets such as tokens and coins and synthetic assets.

A world where everyone and anyone could invest in what they want with the mechanics they want; this is a dream that defines us, and SUPLAR is the realization of such a dream.

We want to create a platform that enables every user the opportunity to invest in what they want and believe without restrictions, minimum order sizes, country restrictions, high fees, and more.

The most significant obstacles for the democratization of financial assets and their equal growth that everyone could benefit from are: the absence of transparency, high fees, substantial minimum order sizes, long order execution times, long minimum holding times, high-frequency trading, backroom deals, lack of information, complicated financial assets, and exploitative maneuvers.

We will create a platform that offers the alternative method of growth to the public worldwide to gain access to financial assets they couldn’t ever have the opportunity to invest in and, in some, ever even see existing.

SUPLAR bridges economic opportunity to all equally.

To create the Suplar that fits our vision, we need to build a team capable of making the very best version of what it could be.

What We Are Looking For?

If you believe in what we are designing, feel free to contact us. 

Contact stefan@suplar and answer these questions: 

  • Tell us who you are
  • What could you do for Suplar (Keep the white paper as your reference)
  • How could you improve suplar?
  • Tells us about your prior experience and skills 
  • and most crucially, what do you want to do? 

We also have the asset article program if you’re a capable writer and a content creator. Learn more here.

Welcome to Suplar.