Learn more about the core team building SUPLAR.

Stefan | Cofounder

Business | Growth Marketing

Stefan is a technical online marketer, long-term entrepreneur, and a BBA graduate with a focus on finance and marketing.

Stefan has helped countless entrepreneurs with online growth strategies through consultation and a marketing blog that has reached over 120k readers since its inception.

Natnael | Cofounder

Lead Blockchain Development

Natnael is a self-taught full-stack engineer, college dropout and has worked as a full-stack developer for many companies for years.

Natnael has also previously founded Kokoro (A smart coin built on the Chia Network for the Sirius Labs X Chia Global Chia Hackathon) and SmartQuiz (an AI-Based automatic quiz generator).

He was also a former core team member of ZeroBridge (which allows the transfer of tokens from Ethereum compatible chains to Algorand) that the Algorand Foundation awarded a SupaGrant.