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Suplar Platform

Discover how Suplar and its hosted decentralized funds will work and everything we have designed so far and our goals for the platform’s future. 

Suplar Platform​

Discover how Suplar and its hosted decentralized funds will work and everything we have designed so far and our goals for the platform’s future. 

What is Suplar

Suplar is an upcoming decentralized fund platform that enables users to create and join decentralized funds that follow underlying off and on-chain financial assets of their choice.

Suplar will support three types of decentralized funds listed below:

Suplar $SUPL Funds

A Suplar $SUPL fund is a fund that tracks the value of underlying financial assets the fund wants to follow and settles the gains or losses in SUPL.

User-created SPL-token Funds

Users can create their SPL-token-based funds on SUPLAR, in which they can pool SPL-tokens that settle the gains or losses in said SPL-token. Pool providers will then have the opportunity to change fund mechanics to their liking and benefit from transaction fees derived from the created fund.

User-created $SUPL Funds

User-created SUPL-based funds will function the same way as the Suplar SUPL funds. The difference is that the user can choose from the pool of available pre-approved financial assets. The users can decide how much an asset changes the value of the SUPL in the fund.

Alternative Suplar Use Cases

While Suplar’s main feature is joining and creating decentralized funds, the funds offer alternative use cases that expand the platform’s utility for an extended user base.

Fund Trading

Users can use the funds to trade multiple assets almost instantly to gain the benefits of these assets value changes.

Experimental Funds

Anyone interested in experimental markets can create unique combinations of assets they want to follow. And test new ideas for better strategies.

Portfolio Management

Users could create a fund that mimics an investment portfolio of their liking for tracking its market value quickly.

SPL-token Distribution

Project developers can create funds to distribute their project’s SPL-tokens to a new user base.

Social Investing

Every user-created fund will be publicly available to everyone, and they can follow other users whose investing ideology they share and like.


Suplar asset articles will provide educative content about the assets the funds will use and provide users with an easy way to learn more about the assets.

Future Assets

Discover what types of assets will become available to create decentralized funds.

Off-Chain Assets

Off-chain assets will not be decentralized but can be combined with on-chain assets to create unique funds. Including off-chain assets enable us to bring more variety to the mix.

On-Chain Assets

On-chain assets used in the funds will use data feeds from reputable oracles. On-chain assets are decentralized.

Suplar Benefits

SUPLAR offers many benefits to its platform users as well as to token holders. We have included many of these benefits in detail in the White Paper.

Extensive library of decentralized funds users choose from

User freedom to create customizable decentralized funds

Opportunity to seek growth through non-blockchain assets in a decentralized manner

Low barrier for entry – starting at 0.1 SUPL and an SOL-wallet

Community-driven (e.g., Asset Article Program, Governance, User rewards)

Fixed SUPL Supply to combat inflation

Increased transaction bandwidth that enables quick trading and faster fund interaction (joining and exiting)

Near-instant transaction confirmation provided by Solana

Minimal network transaction fees allow user freedom (on average $0.00025 / 0.000005 SOL)

Transparent Development

More to come soon

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